next October 6th the Police will play Dublin’s Croke Park. That weekend on the east coast of Ireland we will be looking over at Sellafield and thinking back to fifty years ago that week to when the Windscale Fire happened.

i’m looking for ideas & help with regards to focus on this issue that weekend. if you can help email info at

big thanks in advance.

“The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in, engines stop running and the wheat is growing thin, a nuclear error, but I have no fear, London is drowning-and I live by the river” London Calling – the clash 1979, same year as Three Mile Island meltdown.

by Maria Daly

People living in Athlone could face compulsary resettlement if a Chernobyl-like nuclear explosion was to happen in the Welsh nuclear power plant of Wylfa. The new fallout maps were created for a conference by the Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities Forum (NFLA). The conference will take place in the D Hotel, Drogheda, on Saturday September 30. The conference will be hosted by Cllr Michael O’Dowd and will cover such issues as the health consequences for Ireland of a major nuclear accident. Speakers on the day will include Pete Roche who is a nuclear policy consultant, Dylan Morgan of People Against Wylfa B, and Rite Holmes who is a member of the Hunterston Site Stakeholder Group. The British government are currently looking at the possiblility of building a nuclear power plant at either Wylfa in Wales, Hunterston in Scotland, or Sellafield in England. If there was a nuclear fallout in any of the proposed sites and south easterly winds were prevailing, Athlone and the Midlands would be under serious threat of contamination. The NFLA has released a map which shows the fallout area that would follow an accident at the nuclear reactor in Wylfa if easterly winds carried fallout across to Ireland. Large areas of central and southern Ireland would become so contaminated that there would be cause for evacuation. The NFLA has based its maps on the fallout from the Chernobyl reactor accident which happened some 20 years ago. more

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