June 2006

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[RTE Reports] The operators of the Sellafield Nuclear Reprocessing Plant in Cumbria have pleaded guilty in court to three charges brought by Britain’s Health and Safety Executive following the discovery last year of a massive leak of radioactive fluid at the plant.Representatives of the British Nuclear Group were told by Whitehaven Magistrates Court in Cumbria that they face a fine when a higher court considers sentencing next month. more

[By Noel McAdam Belfast Telegraph 06 June 2006] The Irish Government has vowed to oppose any expansion of nuclear power provision on the British mainland.And it has again reiterated its concerns over Sellafield, which Dublin insists must be closed.

The warnings came at the latest meeting of the British-Irish Council in London, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

Irish Environment Minister Dick Roche said: “Sellafield represents a potentially serious threat which must be removed.”

With Prime Minister Tony Blair giving a nod in the direction of nuclear power provision, Mr Roche voiced concern at reports that the current UK energy review could involve the building of new nuclear power plants.

“The Irish Government will strongly oppose plans to expand nuclear energy in these islands.

“Any decision to replace the current ageing British nuclear plants with new facilities is short-sighted,” he added.