where is the debate? 2 ministers back there was a call for a debate when Green Party were in the environment portfolio.

in the Indo 31/12/2014

Mr White also holds the commendable view that any serious debate about future energy needs must include the nuclear option. But therein lies the danger. There can be little doubt that this unlikely scenario will become the focus of any subsequent debate.

Various interests will become polarised on the nuclear issue, rather than focusing on the real and more pressing issues of delivering safe and efficient electricity and gas supplies and ensuring that we do not have a second-class energy network to go with our well-recognised second-class water network.

While there is always a place for ‘Nimbyism’, there is also a pressing need for Irish people to recognise that the common good should, in certain circumstances, prevail over individual and vested interests.

what are the chances the debate will begin in the year before or of a general election ? low to none.