February 2007

THE NRC is the USA has downgraded the safety of the largest nuclear plant in the country. full details from CNN

Regulators in September found that one of Palo Verde’s emergency diesel generators had been inoperative for 18 days.Emergency generators are critically important at nuclear reactors, providing electricity to pumps, valves and control rooms if the main electrical supply fails.

Dear Mr. Greene,

I refer to your email requesting comments on Sellafield. The Irish Government is using every diplomatic, political and legal route available to bring about the safe and orderly closure of the Sellafield plant. Ireland’s concerns in respect of the continued operation of the Sellafield complex are regularly reinforced by the poor ongoing safety record at Sellafield and more recently by the serious incident at the THORP Plant in April 2005.

Yours sincerely,
Ciarán Madden
Private Secretary
pp Bryan Cahill
Department of Foreign Affairs

Greenpeace has won its High Court bid to make the UK government re-think its programme to build a new generation of nuclear power stations. The environmental pressure group argued that ministers had not consulted the public enough on the issue.

Greenpeace’s Emma Gibson told Sky News that the consultation on nuclear power had been “seriously flawed”.
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irish examiner reports 

A UK company has won a €400,000 contract to upgrade existing monitoring stations on the east and south-east coast of Ireland.

Data from the stations about nuclear installations abroad will be beamed to a central response unit.

Berthold Technologies Ltd, which beat off competition from seven other firms, will also build seven extra stations.