January 2007

during the filming of Miss Potter cast members like RENEE ZELLWEGER and EWAN MCGREGOR stayed in a hotel on the grounds of Sellafield nuclear power plant in the north east of England.

In an interview for american television, Renee Zellweger said: “So we were driving along and I remember seeing this really ominous-looking silhouette on the horizon that looked just like Homer Simpson’s place of employment. “And I said, ‘What kind of power plant are you talking about here?? She said her driver went on to describe ‘Sellarsfield’ as the nuclear power plant that leaked.

[source: contactmusic.com & newsandstar.co.uk ]

Pat Rabbitte T.D. Labour Party Leader says.

“Well done on the site, its a great way to draw attention to the issue. We continue to press for the closure of Sellafield and our spokesperson on Nuclear Safety, Emmet Stagg T.D., will be stepping up our campaign in the coming months with my full support.”

[source: NorwayPost.no] Norwegian Environmental Minister Helen Bjoernoey is disappointed over the UK authorities’ decision to permit the re-opening of the Thorp nuclear reprocessing plant at Sellafield.

The British Nuclear Security Authority on Tuesday gave permission to resume the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel at the Thorp plant, which was closed down in April 2005, following a serious leak when a pipe burst, causing 83 cubic metres of contaminated liquids to leak into a concrete cell lined with stainless steel.

Bjoernoy will now contact Ireland and Iceland with the aim to mount a joint reaction against the re-opening of the reprocessing plant.

– Thorp ought to have been closed for good. I am disappointed over the fact that British authorities have permitted the re-opening of the plant, the Norwegian Environment Minister says.

– It is disappointing that so little importance has been attached to the interests and views of neighbouring nations like Ireland, Iceland and Norway when the decision to re-open was given, she says.

[source: norway.org.uk ] “The THORP plant should be shut down for good, and I am very disappointed that British authorities have now allowed for the reopening of this plant,? Ms Bjørnøy said. “I have raised this issue on several occations with my UK colleague, and Norway’s view has also been communicated at the prime ministerial level. Concerns over the possible reopening of THORP have also been raised by the Nordic Ministers for the Environment in concert.?

“Neighbouring countries such as Ireland and Norway are very vulnerable to any major discharge of radioactive material from THORP or its associated waste facilities. It is disappointing that UK authorities have attached so little importance to the interests and views of countries like Norway, Ireland and Iceland when making their decision on whether to reopen of the plant or not. I think the time is now ripe for a closer cooperation between these countries in order to secure our interests when important decisions are made in the matter of future operation or shut-down of THORP and related nuclear facilities at Sellafield,? Helen Bjørnøy concluded.

fined a cool half a million pounds for a major undetected spill of hundreds of litres of radioactive material in THORP, what happens next.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) announced today that it has granted consent for the re-start of the THORP facility at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant.

HSE’s Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) is satisfied that the licensee, British Nuclear Group Sellafield Ltd (BNGSL), has done all the work necessary to ensure that THORP can be re-started and operated safely. [source: hse.gov.uk ]

HSE will publish a report on its investigation into the leak at THORP shortly.

think, think again, and again and again. Think about it!

The Minister for the Environment has said the Government is opposed to the construction of any new nuclear power facility at the controversial Sellafield site in Cumbria. Dick Roche was speaking in London after talks with Britain’s Trade Secretary, Alastair Darling, who is the minister with responsibility for Sellafield. Later this year the Blair administration is expected to approve the construction of a new generation of nuclear power stations along Britain’s west coast.

I have solicited comment – reaction and statements here to this blog (Friday 5/1/2007 8pm) from various people in the public eye, artists poets singers politicians etc.

I will post the replies here… if you feel like commenting hit the comments link…. or email info AT shutsellafield.com

2. hot on John’s heals Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government Dick Roche TD.

“Are you not following the news? I have been campaigning for its closure for years. Dick”

1. first & fast off the mark was John Gormley TD
Congratulations on your web site. The Green Party was the first political
party to call for the closure of Sellafield. This demand will be a key one
in our forthcoming election manifesto. Keep up the good work.Regards
john g
Green Party Chairman

128 miles from my house lies sellafield.