a comment on a Jan ’07 post highlights this story on WNN June 15th
“Uranium, plutonium and wastes that would result from used nuclear fuel recycling at Thorp could be sent in advance to international customers.”

in the story it says

The two-year outage (at Thorp ) has led to a backlog of work, which the NDA now hopes to relieve somewhat. Because nuclear materials are fungible – that is, like materials can be exchanged – the NDA has proposed to send equivalent quantities of plutonium, uranium and vitrified waste from UK stockpiles while Thorp is not in operation.

SO the NDA UK Govt and BNG? are sending back to Germany & Japan etc. stockpiled plutonium, uranium and vitrified waste. What do they plan to do with the backlog then? keep it? in Sellafield? forever?

If you ever wanted an excuse to dump on the market what you had too much of – well now you have.

the pipe that burst Thorp

[photo: BNG]