Land near Sellafield sells for 70 million. the 470 acre site goes for 6.7 million an acre. The site near Sellafield processing plants will become a NEW NUCLEAR 3.5MW power station. “The Sellafield property deal followed similar sales of NDA lands in Anglesey, Gloucestershire and Essex. John Clarke, Commercial Director of NDA, informed that the combined sales of lands would generate £450 million, which will be used by the organization [NDA] to clean up and decommission old nuclear energy plants.” [1]

The clean up bill is £73bn and rising [2]. the old plants, now in private hands are not paying for this, the British tax payers are. FFS – the master plan is to sell greenfield land near old nuke plants to build new nuke plants and the cash will pay for the clean up?. BUT the cash is £73bn short of an old cost reported in 2008 where the cost rose from £12bn to £73bn.

What really annoys me is that sloppy journalism doesn’t point out these massive anomalies. The technology in new nuke has the same of clean up problem as old nuke plants, where do they hide the waste?


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