Secretary of State Huhne acknowledged the Irish Government’s concerns and indicated his Government’s continued support for the ongoing constructive engagement between Ireland and the UK on nuclear-related matters.  He also confirmed that the UK will be participating in the development of the proposed ‘stress test’ to ensure that the robustness of the safety arrangements at nuclear facilities, including Sellafield, are challenged and improved where necessary in light of events in Japan. 

emphasis by bhg

Good to see Sellafield not escape a stress test. The tests must be independent of the industry that is well known at covering up large and small accidents.

But while it is good to see Sellafield included (excluded first off because there is no working nuclear power plant there?) The Irish Government in Dublin should be aware that the largest UK reactor in Wylfa Wales is bigger than Sellafield’s old nuclear power plant, is operational and is closer to Ireland’s capital city Dublin than Sellafield is.

The point the Irish Govt. do not seem to get is that the UK site the majority of their sites on their west coast. The coastal position is so they can use the Irish sea to cool down and discharge into. There are 5-6 active sites on the UK’s west coast out of a total of 9 active sites in the UK today (sites not reactors). The UK plan 11 new sites 7 of which are on the UK’s west coast. These points need to be raised, safety is very important but as a neighbour of UK nuclear plants, Ireland should object to the building of these plants and the disproportionality of the sitting of plants on the Irish sea.