[Whitehaven news] COPELAND’S Labour Member of Parliament Jamie Reed has criticised the recent spate of propaganda from anti-nuclear pressure groups.

He said, “I take particular exception to recent claims from CORE that Sellafield “may have been responsible for some of the thyroid problems in Cumbria.” There is not one shred of evidence to support this claim.

“It’s about time that the anti-nuclear lobby stopped trying to demonise West Cumbria and West Cumbrians – we’re sick and tired of it.

“Recently, Greenpeace criticised the £18 million cash injection into the local health economy by the NDA describing it as being ‘like the feudal system.’ Where was the Greenpeace cheque? Where is their support for the area? They are extremely well funded so how about donating some of their money – with no strings – to the cause of regeneration in West Cumbria? At the same time, they should publish a list of their funders so that the general public can see exactly who it is that funds these groups. more