A work by Brent Parker will be performed in a concert in aid of the Chernobyl Children’s Project.

Credo, with words and music by Brent Parker, is the voice of the Liquidators. This was the name given to those who were ordered into Chernobyl to cap and contain the damage caused by the nuclear explosion in1986. The Liquidators must transcend all thoughts of themselves, despite mortal personal danger, to prevent further calamity for the entire population.

Credo is a short work for a large choral force with organ and brass instruments. The premiere takes place on 29 April 2006 in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, with St Patrick’s Choir and the Resurgam choir, and brass players provided by Fergus O’Carroll. It will be conducted by Peter Barley, director of music at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

The concert, presented by Chernobyl Children’s Project for the benefit of the charity, is part of their twentieth anniversary remembrances of the Chernobyl disaster. more