Whitehaven News reports: THE first moves have been made to clean-up the ponds used to store Britain’s first-ever plutonium fuel rods from the crash programme to create the UK’s A Bomb.

The ponds at Sellafield were used to hold nuclear fuel rods when they came out of the Windscale plutonium piles just after the end of the Second World War.

British Nuclear Group last week announced the first step towards decommissioning the original fuel storage pond for the Windscale Reactor at Sellafield, which dates from 1948.

Looking ahead, Glenn McCracken, head of delivery for Pile Fuel Storage Pond, said: “This year promises to be an even more challenging year for the team as completion of several major activities are required to prepare for pond desludging including the installation and commissioning of a local effluent treatment plant.

This is a key enabler to project progress and will provide treatment prior to effluents being discharged to the low active drain and effluent treatment plant before subsequent discharges to sea.? more