[belfast telegraph reports] The SDLP today reiterated its call for the closure of Sellafield after its owners admitted radioactive liquid waste had leaked.

Officials said the effluent – mainly water with a low level of radioactivity – spilled from the nuclear plant’s holding tanks into a concrete room designed to contain overflows.  more


Meanwhile at an Irish Government department (led by anti Sellafield and green party leader / minister for the environment John Gormley)  officials said they were looking into the latest incident and added that it was a “relatively minor incident” and had no safety implications for Ireland.

this was reported in the Irish Independent March 27th by Patricia McDonagh

Leaks have implications. The matter of the fact that the material will not reach Ireland is not the argument. THE SAFETY RECORD AT SELLAFIELD the LIES and the fact THOSE PEOPLE ARE THERE TO PROTECT DANGEROUS & DEADLY MATERIALS and I have no faith in them being able to protect when these “small” leaks happen makes me loose some sleep at night.

John get on a boat & train to London and sort it out – don’t accept “relatively minor incident” from your department – you and your advisers know better.