[source] Safety procedures at the Sellafield nuclear plant in North-West England need to be tightened up, Nordic MPs will tell its owners at a meeting next month.
The UK authorities have granted permission to resume reprocessing of nuclear waste at the THORP unit,which was closed several years ago because of a radioactive leak.

“Personally, I don’t think that the unit should ever re-open,” said Asmund Kristoffersen MP from Norway, chair of the Nordic Council Environment and Natural Resources Committee.

The Committee discussed the issue on Wednesday during the the Nordic Council’s April meetings in Copenhagen. The controversial THORP unit has aroused strong feelings among Nordic and Irish politicians. The environment ministers of Norway, Ireland, Iceland and Austria recently demanded that it should not be re-opened, for example.

The organisation Lofoten against Sellafield is organising a conference on THORP in Sellafield, 21-22 May. The Nordic Council Environment Committee, headed by chairperson Kristoffersen, will attend. Other participants include the organisation Bellona, MPs and the owners of the Sellafield plant.