BBC says Tuesday 17/4/2007 Energy summit: Everyone who is anyone in the nuclear industry will gather in Budapest, Hungary, as the World Nuclear Association discusses how best to meet the huge surge in demand for nuclear power

Last week I heard Turlough O’Sullivan of IBEC say we in Ireland should look at nuclear and have the debate. Come back when it is safe and have a debate, the fact that international capitalism can’t plan for tomorrow and here comes peak oil is not good enough reason to choose a technology that is not safe nor has a waste disposal solution even though they had 50 years to sort a solution out, sure when is peak uranium?

IBEC said 10/4/2007 With security of supply and energy costs affected by our 90% dependence on imported fossil fuels, and environmental commitments to carbon abatement, Ireland must evaluate all energy technologies that may be used to meet growing demand. As an alternative technology the potential of nuclear energy in Ireland must be debated in an open, informed and timely manner. [Business priorities for the next government pdf page 9]