[I have been searching for the cover story from summer 06 issue of socialist view, journal of the socialist party in Ireland. I have found part of it.]

FOR THE first time in a generation the British government is proposing a major expansion in the use of nuclear power. A debate has opened on the benefits and risks of nuclear power. This debate occurs against the background of general acceptance of two ideas: that global warming is a real phenomenon and is man-made, and, that the world is rapidly running out of fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

THE DEBATE in Ireland is different from that in Britain. There are no proposals at the present time to build nuclear power stations, North or South. In the 1970s it was proposed to build a nuclear power plant at Carnsore Point in Wexford but this plan was shelved in 1980 after widespread opposition.

The increasing links between the electricity grids of Ireland and Britain however mean that we will use nuclear power indirectly in the future. A major concern is the proximity of the Sellafield nuclear power plant in Cumbria and reprocessing facilities to both Northern Ireland and the South.

Working people care little for Blair’s opinions but are genuinely worried about the future. Is nuclear power inherently dangerous? How quickly will oil run out? Will renewable energy sources ever meet demand?

[full text not available online. for copies contact the Socialist Party ]