The Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Dick Roche T.D., stated today (11 July 2006) that the outcome of the energy review in the UK was disappointing but not surprising. The Minister was commenting on the today’s publication of the review which concluded that the nuclear option could make a significant contribution to meeting future UK energy needs.

Political statements made at the highest level have indicated for some time a definite and predisposed view for the nuclear option in the UK. Coincidently recent changes to the UK Ministerial line-up have seen prominent nuclear skeptics moved out of directly relevant Departments.”

“The decisions taken by the UK in relation to nuclear issues are of significant concern to Ireland. We made our views known to the UK during the public consultation on the Energy Review Policy. These reiterated our concerns on radioactive discharges to the Irish Sea, the danger of accidents, the continued reprocessing of spent fuel, the threat of terrorist attacks on nuclear facilities, proliferation issues, marine transports of nuclear fuel as well as waste and the risks arising from the proximity of nuclear power stations located in the UK to Ireland itself. Ireland’s views were informed by the experience of past events but it is obvious that minds were already made up on the outcome of this review.

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